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Make-up Educational


Do you have a daughter between 13 and 17 years old with a passion for make-up? Did you ever notice that this passion have become exaggerated or out of control due to Social Media impact?

This course had been conceived and created in order to keep your kids with their feet on the ground and keep contact with the reality about the make-up world, showing them real beauty and avoiding any beauty distortion or the creation of wrong and nonexisting beauty models.

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An introductory discussion with the girl and a parent accompanying her is necessary to understand if the course is right for her or if it needs to be slightly personalized

This course has an EDUCATIONAL as well as technical approach. The duration is approximately 2 hours. One and a half hours of practice on the accompanying person and half an hour of discussion face to face with a real Pro Make-up Artist, to talk about social media, the differences between social and reality, the profession of the Make-up Artist, the role of makeup in real life. 

If the girl is already inclined to wear makeup rather than becoming a Make-up Artist, the course can be carried out by teaching the teenager how to do her makeup correctly, according to her age.

Course Price: € 197 

Where: Make-up Studio Alma Lab, Sasso Marconi, Italy

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